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Morningstar SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L, Solar Charge/Load Controller, MPPT,12-24VDC 15Amp SCC-10109

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Morningstar SunSaver Solar Charge/Load Controller

Model: SS-MPPT-15L

MPPT  -  Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology. TrakStar MPPT will boost the solar charge current. Also this technology allows you to charge 12V or 24V batteries with solar arrays of a higher nominal voltage.

Custom charging and load set-points can be programmed into the SS-MPPT non-volatile memory. If you would like other settings then the default settings already stored, use a PC with Morningstar MSView software installed. Also you can look at saved data logged from the last 30 days. Please note: If you want to use this controllers light control settings you can only access these settings with a PC. See the downloadable manual below for the different setting and data available. In order to connect to a computer you will need to buy the Meterbus to Serial Adapter (Model: MSC) or a USB Meterbus Converter (Model: UMC-1).

Internal data logged: • Daily min. and max. battery voltages • Daily Ah charge to battery • Daily Ah charge to load • Daily array faults • Daily load faults • Max. daily array voltage • Daily time in Absorption • Daily time in Equalization • Daily time in Float

Batteries : Gel, Sealed, AGM, Flooded 

Rated Solar Current: 15 Amp

Rated Load Current: 15 Amp

System Voltage: 12/24 VDC

Max Input Voltage: 60V

Max Input Power: 12V =200W; 24V=400W

SKU:  SCC-10109

Manufacture Specifications

Operators Manual